Project Description

Project Brief

After getting logos designed by various companies around the globle, the client came to us and told us that he is looking forward to get a unique logo which will immediately attract the audience and should be unique in all it’s aspect. The client showed the logos that different companies built for them and suggested that he like non of them. He said that even he does not know what he is looking for but he needs to have a logo that could attract someone in a glance.

The Challenge

Now, you can understand the challenge. We were not sure about what the client wants but we only knew that the client wants a logo designed that is unique, appealing and can attract anyone who see it. We asked the client only couple of question like.. what industry is it and how do you want to approach your audiences. Based on his feedback we started sketching the logo and sent him our first sample.

The Solution

The client mailed us back saying “You are amazing. I have no words to appreciate you for the design. Now everything is on your creative mind to give it a color and make it happening.. Woo”

It felt really good. We did it in the first instance and we did it elegantly.

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design


Design Mockups

Brand Strategy

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

I can’t be more happier. I approached ATS after getting logo designed by 5 companies from around the globe. For a single logo design I had already paid 750 USD to those 5 companies. I wasn’t sure if this time ATS could deliver what I wanted.. and to much sheer anticipating they came up with a logo that I perhaps would admire my entire life.. Thanks.
Hiten Mallick