Content is the KEY. Content is the KING.

Content is your communicator. Content should be your strength to compel your audience, making readers read more and explore more until it is finished. And then, ‘DO and ACT’ what you want them TO.

Albatross Technology Solutions offers a variety of writing services to fit your needs. Here’s what we have to offer to YOU:

Web Content Writing

Albatross Technology Solutions provides the most compelling web content for your site at affordable price.

The content provided in your website is very important since it can convert your visitor to customer. We deliver powerful and balanced content for your website.

Our content is easy to understand and concise. We also modify and rewrite existing website content when required by client.

Instructional Design & Content

A new wave of modern training scenario has created the demand of trendy and more advance teaching tools. Where time is limited and knowledge is eternal, instructional design models can only help in absorbing the knowledge promptly and efficiently. In a short span of time, instructional designed content have made a strong presence for itself. No doubt when it is a matter of comprehensiveness and holistic learning ambience, instructional designed training material is must. The models, special tips and other aids involved in crafting a fine instructional content not only makes learning easy but also interesting.

The essence of a good instructional designed course is a systematic approach, which blends experience, methodologies and techniques. At ATS, we have been utilizing our primary domain of excellent writing and exposure to transform any learning material to a comprehensive and interactive knowledge channel for any learners and augmenting the learning cycle. We are associated with eminent clients in industries like IT, Telecom, Education, Retail and Speciality Businesses with our adept instructional design solution.

SEO copywriting

SEO Copywriting is the technique of writing compelling website content for both effective marketing and search engine result (yahoo, Google. MSN etc.)

Today any web surfer searches his requirement through keywords. Therefore the process of search engine optimization (SEO) is required for any website content. We make your content keyword friendly so that when anybody searches for business of your type then he comes across your website easily. We provide professional SEO friendly website content just in your budget.

Advertising copywriting

Albatross Technology Solutions has experts for writing copy for advertisement. Highly result-oriented copy writing services is offered for advertising purposes. Our services help you in promoting your product and service and thereby enhance your sales. We provide advertising copywriting services at affordable prices. High quality copy writing services are provided at Albatross Technology Solutions to help you get to the top search Engines. We incorporate following:
Easily understandable and lucid language
We know the words that sell and hence use them effectively
Managing and using proper keywords to get high ranks
Strong Headlines that can grab reader’s attention
Combination of Key phrases
Precise information with simplicity

Press Release

A good press release copy is ideal promotional material that promotes your business idea intelligently. Ideally press release copy should be focused, interesting to read and informative. The scope of press release is beyond advertising and has more lasting effect than any other mode. However only a good press release copy can convey the message correctly and at the same time retain the enjoyment of its benefits.

Albatross Technology Solutions, with its years of knowledge and diversified experience in PR articles knows the right mixture of successful press release copy. Our talented and professional wordsmiths undergo thorough research work; refine them before putting into final platform.

Finally, at ATS, you can expect the quality – uncompromised!!!

Company Profile

A professional profile of a company is must for anyone who owns a business. Company profile is very important because it shows the qualifications, potentials, experiences and skills which can attract many potential clients.

Albatross Technology Solutions can be your partner for providing excellent company profile writing services, since we have:

– Years of experience and have a vast knowledge base
– A zeal to try and understand your mission before putting it into words.
– A mind that research hard before drawing any conclusion
– Content specialists with professional attitude
– A affordable price.

Mailer & Flyer

Writing Mailers and flyers content do comes under our expertise domain. Mailers and flyers is a fundamental part of direct mailing advertising campaigns. Mailers and Flyers are one of the ways to promote your product and increase your sales. But writing mailers and flyers is not an easy job. It requires creativity and captivating style of writing, which we provide effectively.

We provide :
Attractive and compelling copy of mailers and flyers
In house expert copy writer and content developers
Quality mailers and flyer writing service in affordable price.

Brochure & Catalogue

Brochure and catalog content forma a promotional effort of your product and therefore it should be captivating. The content of brochures and catalog must be powerful and crisp. At ATS you will get the best of service in industry regarding brochure and catalog content. We have a creative team who knows how to captivate customer with words. We deliver one of the finest brochure and catalog writing services.

Business Presentation

Sometime it become tedious to write high quality and crisp presentation for business .Team at ATS can take care of this headache and deliver Best Business presentation. We have expert management team and content development team who ensure that you get perfect and quality work.


Good tagline always promotes your business and captivate customer’s mind. While building a brand, tagline plays a vital role. Taglines can be used in various forms. It can describe your company or it can describe your product/service. The taglines are result of tedious “brainstorming” session and innovative ideas at ATS.

We understand the power of that ‘one line’ which will drastically help you promoting your business. We are specialist in the field of tagline creation.

Copy Editing

It is common that an existing content need modification and correction with changing time. Therefore editing an existing content is utmost necessary task. We are perfectionist and therefore we make sure you get the perfect error free content. Every work need polishing and modification and so does ATS team take good care in editing and revamping your contents. We make matter more crisp, clear and profound.

Content Review & Analysis

Any good content is work of extensive research work, Analysis and creative ideas. The content is never complete without reviewing it. A complete procedural analysis converts a concept into a good content and a good content into the best content.

At Albatross Technology Solutions we deliver the ‘best’ content because we understand your needs.

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