Albatross Technology Solutions respects your privacy and does not share your contact information with anyone.

The subsequent discloses our info collecting & distribution practices for this website

Gathering of Personal Info from Service Visitors

ATS may gather and/or track

1. The names, email addresses of home server domain, kind of client PC, search engine used, files downloaded, OS, and sort of web browser of the visitors to search engine used.

2. The email addresses of the visitors that are in touch with search engine used, via email.

3. Info knowingly offered by the visitor in the online forms, registration forms, email, surveys, contest entries, & additional online avenues (which include demographic & individual profile data), &

4. Collective & user-precise info on the pages that visitors have access to.

Use of private Data Collected

Private data collected by ATS may be used by it for editorial & comment purposes, for advertising & promotional reasons, for a statistical study of the users’ actions, for content step up, for product development, or to modify the content & layout of ATS. Collective figures on home servers of visitors might be used for in-house purposes but won’t be made available to third parties like marketing firms.

Safety Measures

ATS has put into practice several security attributes to stop the unofficial release of / access to private information. For instance, all ATS workers are required to confirm their understanding that private info is considered hush-hush, that it’s vital to safeguard private information, & that ATS will take apt action against any member of staff who falls short of acknowledging these facts or abiding by the mandatory norms of conduct.