Refund Policy for Services under ‘Shop for Services’

Refund Policy for services under ‘Shop for Service’ is as below:

  • All the services under ‘Shop for Services’ is covered under ATS guarantee.
  • We refund full money in case of non-delivery of services. The buyer has to furnish all the information that is required to deliver the service at the time of buying the services or within 7 days of buying the service. In case, the buyer has already purchased a service and has not shared the information required to deliver the service then the service amount deposited with us shall be entitled to be forfeited and no refund will be made. To ensure that a buyer shares all the information required for the delivery of a project, ATS will make all attempts and try to correspond through the communication details that the buyer has provided when buying the service.
  • Every individual service under ‘Shop for Services’ have a minimum and maximum delivery time mentioned in it. We normally deliver the service within the stated time period. However, in some cases, the delivery of the service may get delayed. The cases can be not furnishing the required information which is essential to complete the service, delay in communication from the buyer side and any event of natural disaster which may force to delay the service.

Refund Policy for Custom Services

Refund Policy for Custom Services is as below:

  • Custom Services with respect to services under any category is not covered under ATS guarantee. However, in certain cases where a buyer has paid any amount by mistake will immediately be returned.
  • The payment for custom services is made under a contract / agreement and the clauses mentioned therein in terms of payment shall be adhered to by the buyer. Generally 25% – 50% of the payment has to be made in advance and the rest can be paid as per the milestone mentioned therein. If for any reason the project cannot be started then the buyer is entitled for a full refund. In case where the payment has already been made by the buyer in advance and the milestone is not delivered then the payment for the said milestone will be refunded back to the buyer.
  • Any dispute that arises with regard to refund for custom services will be analyzed by the ‘ATS Service Delivery Analyst Team’ and their final verdict would be binding on all the parties (The buyer and the seller).