Project Description

The client Mr. Andrew Philip was in the process of creating and ERP software for his company. The name of the ERP System was ReverERP. He was into the initial stages and he sought our Testing and QA Service right from the initial phase to final phase and deployment of the ReverERP.

We were right into the job from the word ‘GO’ and we worked for almost 2 years working on the project and assisting the in-house developers of the Mr. Andrew. It was a huge ERP. Happy with our passion and dedication Mr. Andrew approached us to be his partner and provide occasional testing and QA services. Now, we are officially assigned as ‘QA Partner’ of ReverERP system.

Albatross Technology Solutions worked on our ReverERP Project right from the initial stages through the final deployment. I am really happy with their work and working attitude. I’ve now officially appointed ATS as the ‘QA Provider’ of our ERP system.
Andrew Philip, ReverERP