Project Description

Mr. John, our very esteemed client from US came to us with his unique project requirement of building a desktop application through which he can manage his Magento website backend. This was a very unique project in all its aspect and is one of a kind desktop application in existence.

The client suggested that he finds it very difficult managing his Magento Website and has to approach developers who rather mess up his website and its functionality. He wanted to manage everything himself but found magento out of his expertise.

At first, the project looked very difficult but our team formulated a plan which eventually helped us build a desktop application through which our client, Mr. John, is now able to make any changes he wants and that too without writing a single piece of code. Isn’t this awesome!!!

Now, Mr. John can setup shipping rates, calculation, change texts on any page, do whatever he wants to do at the backend without having to hire a developer.

We wanted to bring this software to the world making life of many people easy who find it difficult to manage the Magento Backend but unfortunately we are bound by the NDA stuff. But we are happy that we managed to do something that made our client really happy.